How does MobileTracker work

MobileTracker is an advanced mobile and stationary computer tracking system that is specifically optimized to analyze mobile and desktop devices that are used to browse online web pages. The system allows you to track the activity of your website visitors, and trace their geographical location and exact specifications of the devices they use.

What's unique about MobileTracker is that it allows to detection of IP changes as the mobile devices move through different networks and roam across various cellular towers.

It provides real-time statistical information about all website reader activity while specifically delivering information on the true web page browsing activity. It does so by filtering out all artificial traffic that is often caused by search engine spiders, website indexing scripts, IP trackers, offline website readers, computer cache software, and others. This translates into a more accurate Mobile Tracker solution that represents the actual website traffic received.

how MobileTracker works

Mobile Tracking is an essential feature of the Mobile Tracker service. It is specifically optimized to track mobile device activity, even if the mobile hardware device is an older model and does not properly load website content.

Unlike other services that offer website statistics analysis that is purely based on a JavaScript tracking implementation (such as Google Analytics, Yahoo! Web Analytics, Clicky, Woopra, Site Meter, Shinystat, and other providers), Mobile Tracker functions as a website analytics tool that captures and provides the device tracking information on a wider variety mobile and desktop computer users. It also allow controlling visitor traffic and Block and redirect IP addresses.

How to start tracking website visitor activity

To start capturing real-time website visitor activity you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Register Mobile Tracker account
  2. Login to your account and create a tracking project which will generate a visitor device tracker code
  3. Install the visitor device tracker code in the header or a footer of your web page
  4. Login to your Mobile Tracker account and view the statistics in real-time

The mobile tracker system is designed to track a wide range of devices

The list below shows some of the most popular mobile phones and portable computers that are capable of downloading information from the Internet. Some of these devices do not fully support JavaScript but still can be successfully tracked with Mobile Tracker.

  • Apple iOS based devices: iPhone, iPhone mini, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 3G, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 1,2,3

  • Android based devices:
    Alcatel One Touch POP, One Touch Idol, One Touch Fierce, One Touch Idol Mini and other models
    Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, Fire Phone, BlackBerry Z30, and other models
    BlackBerry 9300, 9810, 9360, 9900, and newer versions
    Google Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 9 and newer versions
    HTC One Max, Golf, One S/X, Sensation, Thunderbolt, First, Desire, Droid, Ascend, Optimus, G2, G3, G4, Droid Ultra, Droid Razr, Moto, and newer models
    Nokia Lumia 620 through Lumia 928 and higher versions
    Samsung Galaxy including but not limited to Galaxy Note, Express, Tab, Rugby, S II, S III, S5 Sport, S6, Ace
    Sony Xperia models including but are not limited to Xpredia E1, Z, Z Ultra, ZL, Miro, S, SP, Z1, Tablet, and others
    Fujitsu Arros, Lifebook series
    LG Optimus Exceed 2, Fuel, L35, L40, L65, L70, L80, L90, G, G Pro, F60, F70, Realm, Tribute, Volt, VU 3.0

  • Windows phone-based devices: Dell Venue Pro, HTC 7, Microsoft Lumia, VAIO Windows Phone, Windows Phone 8X, Samsung Focus, Omnia, Acer Allegro, Liquid M220, Alcatel One Touch View, Fujitsu Toshiba IS12T, HTC Radar, Nokia Lumia 510-900, ZTE Orbit and many others

The Mobile Tracker is self adapting with a touch of artificial intelligence

The system captures new devices, extracts device identification strings, tracks the behavior of automated content harvesting machines, and continues to track the human activity on even the most recent mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer models.

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