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MobileTracker features a full-featured mobile EU GDPR-compliant IP address analytics and individual website visitor tracking service. The service is designed for personal, business, and government use. Any website content publisher can gather full statistical surveillance data from a moderately large number of websites under the same MobileTracker account, and all in real-time.

Any website owner can gather valuable visitor IP address data that reflects on human and bot activity, location, and other information that is critical to effectively evaluate a website's success on the World Wide Web.

Project summary page

The main page of the service is a project summary page that displays essential real-time mobile statistics of all projects available on the same page. This page is automatically updated per the time interval set by the user.

The project summary page notifies a webmaster of basic site stats such as the number of web visitors online, total page loads, unique visits or first-time visits for today, yesterday, last 7 days, this month, and the total number of page loads and visits since the beginning date of a project. It also displays the status of each project and indicates specific project setting badges such as a hidden tracking mode, EU GDPR compliancy status, JavaScript or HTML code tracking, selective geo-location tracking, web robot blocking status, and others.

mobile web analytics projects

Dedicated Website Project Reports

Clicking on the pie chart icon to the left of each project name takes the user to a primary project menu that provides access to advanced Mobile Tracker website analytics and visitor tracking reports. This menu consists of a number of statistical reports. The availability of each report depends on the type of website visitor tracking code used. When JavaScript code is installed to track mobile statistics, it provides the most information about the website traffic. An HTML version of the code is available for situations when a CMS publishing platform does not allow the usage of JavaScript.

The project report selection menu consists of Campaign Tracker, Link Tracker, Page Tracker, Daily Hits, Campaigns, Keywords, Came From, Page Loads, Visitor List, and Visitor Map. The cumulative mobile web analytics such as Traffic, Pages, Visitors, Platforms, and Geo, provide in-depth information on website traffic from a real-time data pool.

mobile web analytics project menu

AD Campaign Tracker

This campaign statistical report provides individual campaign tracking capability for providers such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and others. Campaign Tracker can track not only PPC or PPM, but also affiliate referrals, link referrals, and other vendor referral campaign tools.

mobile web analytics campaign tracker

The campaign report gives access to in-depth campaign traffic information such as real-time individual campaign referred visitor surveillance, campaign clicks, page views, suspected campaign fraud clicks, conversion clicks, earnings, and advertising costs.

The dynamic chart reports show graphs and are divided into sub-reports for Conversions, Bounced Visits, General Click mobile statistics, and Conversion Amounts. These graphs can be controlled to provide stats on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

mobile web analytics campaign conversions

Link and Page Trackers

Both of these GDPR-compliant tools allow going beyond the typical analytics service by allowing a webmaster to interact with the visitors. A webmaster can redirect a range of specific visitors based on a visit IP or any visitor information. Read more about Website Visitor Interaction

Daily Hits Statistics

Daily Mobile Tracker statistics log provides data that is stored and retained from the start date of the website project. It generates the charted and printed versions of the counts for Returning Visits, First Time Visits, Unique Visits, and Page Views.

The data filter allows viewing stats individually for Page Loads and Visits, by Traffic Source, Social Engagement, and National vs. International visit statistics.

mobile web analytics daily stats

The charts can be switched from a Discrete to a Proportional view for statistical evaluation.

mobile analytics visits

Hourly Hits Statistics

Hourly visits and page loads mobile statistics log generates a report that evaluates the visitor activity on an hourly basis. This is very useful if a webmaster runs campaigns that are scheduled within a specific timeframe during the day. Hourly mobile statistics can also be used to check on website uptime, to ensure that a website hosting company provides an uninterrupted web hosting service.

mobile web analytics hourly stats

Search Engine Keywords

This report reflects the keywords that were used by visitors while searching for a website on a search engine. This report provides limited keyword information due to most search engines blocking the keywords information for privacy reasons. Nevertheless, for all non-secure browsing sessions, this report will show the search engine keyword information

Website Visitor Origins

The "Came From" report provides detailed information on the origins of each website visitor. This includes identification of each visitor's IP address, referring URL, landing page, and ability to trace each visitor's browsing activity.

Page Loads Stats

This Mobile Tracker report lists all visitor page loads in chronological order. It provides each visitor's geographical location, device and operating system used, IP address, ISP and Organization information, host, referrer and search engine keywords, landing page, and the exact time and date of the page load. It also reflects the status of each visitor and the visitor's relation to EU GDPR-affected territory.

At the same time, it provides the capacity for a webmaster to tag a visitor for later identification on website logs. A webmaster can also add notes to each page load entry. This log excludes any traffic redirected by a visitor IP blocker.

mobile web analytics page views

Visitor List

A website visitor list report generates a list containing summary information of all visitors in chronological order. It shows which website visitors are currently online, how many visits, page views, and recent time was attended by each person.

The visitor list also delivers information on whether a visit was generated by a website spider (bot) or a real website visitor, the visitor origins and referrer information, last geolocation, and tagging information that can contain a physical street address as entered into the IP tracking address book (A function of the Mobile Tracker).

The advanced filter menu allows filtering the visitors that changed their IP address, returning, referred by a search engine or external referrer, those that came from organizations, or those that are currently online browsing the website.

mobile web analytics visitors list

Website Visitor Map

The map displays all web visitors that are currently stored in the real-time visitor activity log. Each web visitor icon can be clicked to access further information about each visitor. A map type and zoom can be individually controlled for a required map view.

A satellite view can provide a photographic view of the visitor's location. Note that each visitor's location is approximate as the location provided by the ISP registration data. To obtain an exact visitor location, a police warrant is required by law.

mobile web analytics visitors maps

Website Visitor Details

Each visitor has a dedicated page where detailed information about the web visitor's browsing history is provided. This report can be accessed by clicking on the "TRACE" button on any statistical log which identifies visitors.

On this page all available visitor data is divided into information blocks.

  • Visitor Status displays information on the frequency, duration of the visits and GDPR status
  • System Displays information on the device used to access the web page such as operating system, browser, browser language, screen resolution, cookie support, and device user agent
  • Geo Location provides data on the location including longitude and latitude.
  • ISP and Organization tab displays the name of the Internet Service Provider/Organization and the IPs utilized.
mobile web analytics visitor details

Additional web analytics reports

In addition to individual website visitor tracking, MobileTracker provides web analytics cumulative reports that allow the webmaster to evaluate the aggregative information.

mobile web analytics project menus

mobile web analytics traffic

Traffic Sources. This stats menu provides reports on the website traffic sources such as

  • External traffic sources
  • Search engine referred
  • Direct URL entry
  • Search engine keywords
  • Campaign traffic sources by name, keywords, and queries.

mobile web analytics pages

Pages. Analytics on the pages consists of the following

  • Popularity by Page URL
  • Hourly Load Averages
  • Entry Pages, Exit Pages
  • Internal Referrers
  • SSL Pages
  • Duplicate Titles
  • Pages loaded outside of Project's Domain name.

mobile web analytics visitors

Visitors. This cumulative report menu has the following options (Subject to EU GDPR configuration restrictions)

  • Most Active Computer IDs
  • Most Frequent IPs
  • Most Frequent Computer IDs
  • Visits Depth
  • Visits Durations
  • Visits Recurrence
  • Visitor Bounce
  • Organizations

mobile web analytics platforms

Platforms. This cumulative report menu provides the info on the frequency of the following

  • Web Browsers
  • Screen Resolutions
  • Flash Versions
  • Cookie Support
  • User Agent Strings
  • ISPs
  • Hosts

mobile web analytics geographical position

GEO data. Most frequent geographical markers are divided into separate reports as follows

  • States and Regions
  • Cities
  • Time Zones
  • Browser Languages

* Note: Depending on your configuration of EU GDPR tools, some GEO data may be limited or restricted.

More data, more reports

All data by Mobile Tracker is processed in real-time without a single second of a delay. Simply install the website analytics MobileTracker tracker code to start collecting your mobile statistics information immediately.

To control website traffic, a separate Page Tracker code must be installed above the Website Analytics JavaScript code. Note that only those website publishing platforms that support the usage of JavaScript code can be used with Page Tracker functions to control visitor traffic. Both Website Analytics and Page Tracker code must be installed using JavaScript.

Can't use JavaScript? MobileTracker provides a simple HTML version of the Website Visitor Tracker code. You'll be able to select a required tracker code when you add your website as your project on MobileTracker.

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