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big data gdpr
Mobile device tracking and EU GDPR compliance

Mobile device tracking is a practice that involves monitoring and collecting data from mobile devices,...

old cellular phones
The Evolution of Mobile Devices – From Brick Phones to Smartphones

In this article, we’ll explore the history of mobile devices, from their early beginnings as...

5g antenna cellular radiation
The dangers of widespread use of wireless phones

As of  September 2021, there were already significant concerns about the proliferation of wireless phones...

fixing phone ringer holding phone
How to fix iphone ringer

If the ringer on your iPhone is not working, you can try the following troubleshooting...

phone password recovery
How to recover phone password

If you have forgotten your phone password and are unable to access your device, here...

how to reset phone
How to reset a phone and delete all data

To reset your phone, you can follow these general steps. Please note that the specific...

mobile hotspot device connectivity scaled
What is a mobile hotspot and how it works

A mobile hotspot refers to a feature or device that allows you to create a...

mobile device safety user holding phone
How to keep mobile phones safe and secure

Keeping your mobile devices safe is essential to protect your personal information, maintain privacy, and...

Lost a phone or laptop? Here is what you can do

Losing a phone, laptop or any other mobile device can be a stressful experience. Still,...

How to track and monitor mobile devices

Tracking a mobile device typically requires proper authorization and legal authority. It is important to...

Methods of mobile devices tracking

Mobile gadget devices can be tracked using various methods and technologies, depending on the purpose...

How mobile devices work

Mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, operate through a combination of hardware and...

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